Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Am Now Back Blogging

The road was filled with so many turns and that desire to express what has been taken place and slipped away for a while, but not is veering its head out again. I am still running for president and will not be shutting down or giving a concession speech anytime soon. Hilary raised hundreds of millions and I have merely raised hundreds and I am still in this race, but for me it is more a stroll. Turtle express style I am now in Austin staying with someone named Cheney. Remember for every bad Cheney there has to be a good one. I am not focused on any particular projects merely the present moment. The focus of the campaign is about ending the war on drugs which is a war on our own people that according to Rolling Stone has cost us 500 billion with no net positive results. In fact we have spent that money only to hurt our own citizens. The only effective way to handle the drug problem is through treatment centers which are grossly underfunded because even Presidents such as Bill Clinton did not want to look weak on crime. Yet the strategy for the war on drugs has failed just like the war in Iraq is failing. We are using the same broken model over and over again. 2/3 of this country is not engaged in the political process and that will soon change.

Music festivals offer an opportunity to connect with many people around the country searching for new ways to shape the policy of our country. As a people we need some to reflect and a willingness to change otherwise many more of us will suffer needlessly. I am not saying anything you don't know merely hoping to prod a innate desire to go within your own being and touch a greater peace to share with a nation which seems to be in a spiritual drought. People are running in so many different directions anywhere as long as they don't have to be in the here and now. I thank anyone and everyone who has made some effort to let go of the suffering so that can help others do the same.


Sonny said...

You Absolutely must watch this:

Jordan Maxwell - Queen of England Exposed 1/4

Ever wonder why we have a birth certificate and a social security card? Ever wonder who is really in control here? You gotta watch all 4 parts of the Jordan Maxwell video on youtube-just search the above. You'll find out whats really going on.

Other things to research are Real ID Act, National ID cards, VChip, and the North American Union.

Wonder why we have concordats with the very people we protested against(the United Nations and Vatican)-they are the ones really in control.

A Great Book to read is Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs.

The most amazing part is that the things that are happening now are prophecied in the Bible.

sonny said...

President Bush has said that he is on a Mission from God. In an interview he was asked who he saw in the eyes of the Pope, his answer was God.

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